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Compare iSecurePost


Compare iSecurePost with traditional post and email

  • It is secure and private, letter/documents are uploaded to our secure server, recipients simply log into the web portal using their surname/company name and their postal codepassword or SMS code to mobile phone. They can then download and view the document you sent.. No account needed, no software to download.

  • It is safe and secure, removes the threat of ID theft and risk of commercial sensitive documentation falling into the wrong hands.

  • No restrictions on whether an email with an attachment gets through the email virus programs reducing the threat of computer infections. With iSecurePost attachments are never sent. According to anti-virus statistics, the vast majority of viruses are spread by attachments on emails.

  • No security issues with web mail accounts, like hotmail and google.

  • No more I did not receive your email, it must have gone straight into my junk mail.

  • The recipient cannot stop the opened/read receipt notification being sent, unlike in standard email programs.

  • No more it must have got lost in the post - Acknowledgement when the recipient opens the letter (not when they receive the notification), with a 7 day timeout. This offers the same level of service as Special delivery with Royal mail. This is very different to an email read receipt.

  • Massive savings against Royal Mail postage regardless of size, weight and destination.

  • Making direct cost reductions through elimination of printing, manual handling, and mailing.

  • Improved payments from customers by online processing via links embedded into statements and invoices.

  • Green - Eliminating the need for paper and hence, the destruction of trees. By you turning off paper, you are ultimately assisting in the prevention of global warming.

  • Any document that is/can be in PDF format can be sent, regardless of the size, number of pages and content.

  • Marketing leaflets or brochures could be sent with every invoice or statement for no extra cost.

  • Companies can translate this to lowered mailing (invoices, statement etc) costs and elimination of “lost” letters, lowered cost of dispute resolution, payment processing, as well as lowered costs and frequency of collections and customer service calls.


It really is that easy to send ALL your postal mail, without relying on traditional methods. Save time, money and the environment, whilst enjoying all of the benefits of a protected, paperless system.