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What is iSecurepost

A practical, secure alternative to traditional postal mail – Our paperless, secure postal system is a reliable and eco-friendly way of sending letters via the iSecurePost server with no paper, printing or postage.

If you regularly send PDF files containing important information you’re putting yourself at risk every day. Unsecure emails are open to fraud and identity theft – and you have a commitment to your customers to safeguard their particulars. Would you send important information by postcard, where anyone can read it on the way...so why do you send it via email.

iSecurePost gives you the opportunity to send these important documents via an instant, paperless system that not only protects the environment, but is also 100% secure, reliable and cheaper than traditional postal services.

Our fully encrypted system allows you to send digital iSecureLetters straight from your  account, to anywhere in the world. Better again, your recipients do not need an account with us – they are simply asked to log into a web portal using their surname/company name and their postal codepassword or SMS code to mobile phone. They can then download and view the document you sent.

iSecurePost doesn't just safeguard your information from fraud - the system will also prevent your competition from viewing your private information, and give you an opportunity to prove to your end users that you take full responsibility for their security

So, be it bespoke letters, business mailings, payslips or invoices; sending through iSecurePost is the new way to guarantee that your recipient is the only person who reads it.

The Process

  1. Log into your iPostalMail account and select ‘iSecurePost’ to send your letters

  2. Upload your document to our secure server and complete the short form

  3. Click ‘Send’ by iSecurePost

  4. We’ll send a notification via email to the recipient notifying them of their received iSecureLetter

  5. The recipient then logs into a portal using their surname/company name and postal codepassword or SMS code to mobile phone to retrieve the document. This multi level of security is customisable and set by you.

  6. We update your account to confirm when an iSecureLetter has been opened and read

  7. If the recipient does not open and read the letter after 7 days we remove the item and notify you that it has been undelivered.

Why Use iSecurePost

The system acts in a very similar fashion as the very successful ebilling, where you receive you notification but then log in to access the information securely. You would not be happy if your bank emailed your latest bank statement. iSecurePost is open to anyone whether sending one single letter or running a statement/marketing mailing. The recipient does not have to setup/register for an account or download any software.

Once your mail recipients are viewing the mail that you sent them, you can direct them to do whatever you would like with one-click access to your web site, your products and your services.


  • Pay their bill online, great for outstanding invoices and statements
  • Purchase a product at your web site
  • Update them with marketing messages
  • Safe and secure. Emails are unsecure messages, open to unauthorised viewing ann tampering
  • Make significant cost savings, against traditional postal system
  • Helping our environment, by benefiting from a paperless postal system.



It really is that easy to send ALL your postal mail, without relying on traditional methods. Save time, money and the environment, whilst enjoying all of the benefits of a protected, paperless system.