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Digital Online Mail system - scalable paperless postal system

This application if for companies to use the iPostalMail system for their own internal business use.

This allows you to run your own internal online mail system where you control your own post.

For all businesses the number of communications continues to grow with postal mail and email from suppliers, clients etc. iPostalMail makes the process of managing your incoming mail much easier by digitising your postal mail and distributing to the relative person/department. Now on you can easily manage, distribute, share and archive ALL your critical post items.

Whether you have a single office, remote workers or have a wide network of office iPostalmail will bring ALL your postal communications together.

The iPostalMail postal  management software resides on our own windows servers and is accessed via the internet. This system is easy to use, allowing multiple authorised users to create, view, edit search and share mail in using a web browser.  No local client software is required and maximum flexibility to access is afforded to the business.

It is simple to use, no training required, no software to download and has flexible access from anywhere using internet browser.

Connect your email and postal mail together.